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I am a master student at the Universite de Bordeaux in France (2017-2019), studying in an international neuroscience program. I am completing my thesis internship within the Andero lab, focusing on the PACAP-PAC1 pathway and neural activity in association to altered fear memory consolidation and extinction properties, which are core symptoms in PTSD.  In the first year of my master, I completed a 5-month internship in Dr. Laurent Groc’s Development and Adaptation of Neuronal Circuits lab, at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience in Bordeaux; manipulating the expression of CaMKII as a method of understanding NMDAR organization and localization.

I am originally from Canada and have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and neuroscience (Acadia University, 2017 graduate). I also have three years of experience working as a psychiatric assistant, conducting psychiatric and memory assessments, as well as intake of medical history for various populations including PTSD (military veterans), depression, anxiety, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s Disease, for example. I was also a clinical research assistant for Phase II and III pharmaceutical trials for treatments in Alzheimer’s Disease. I have a passion for mental health care, and my overall goal and interests is to have a multi-dimensional understanding of neuropsychiatric conditions to advance treatment regimens that incorporate a neurobiological and psychological viewpoint.

Email: rachelduston@gmail.com