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January 2018 – Interview to Dr. África Flores.

January 2018 – An image from our paper “Expression of the PPM1F Gene Is Regulated by Stress and Associated With Anxiety and Depression” has been selected as cover.

December 2017 – Antonio Florido has been awarded with a FI Scholarship (Generalitat de Catalunya).

November 2017 – The lab’s first review paper is accepted in Molecular Psychiatry.

October 2017Patricia Molina has been awarded with a FPU Scholarship (MINECO, Spain).

August 2017 – The lab’s first paper is published in Biological Psychiatry.

July 2017 – África Flores has been awarded with a Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellowship (MINECO, Spain).

February 2017Conference at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Subtitles available in English.